A solo dance performance by artist Vanessa Maria Mirza in “Perform in response” curated By KCC
Saturday 22nd May, 2021 5:00 pm | Live on Zoom

A solo dance performance by artist Vanessa Maria Mirza in “Perform in response”  curated By KCC is inspired by K. C. Pyne’s painting from the ongoing exhibition  ‘The (in) Visible and the (un) Revealed : Inside The Secret Worlds Of Kartick Chandra Pyne'. The performance based  on K. C. Pyne’s artwork wave evoking powerful images of the sea, combined with the concepts of bold risk (seen in the piece Dare Journey) and the delicate nuances of the feminine body (depicted in his nude series).

The choreography also reflects on the imagery used in Charles Baudelaire’s poem L’homme et la mer / Les Fleurs du mal describing the complexity and vastness of the sea and its relationship with human - existence.

The dance echoes moments and memories from both a real and imagined personal history with the sea in impacting, witnessing and shaping key turning points in life. Dressed in red, the dancer’s movement capture the fluidity and depth of a passionate woman emboldened by the voice of the sea.

Using a soundscape that is layered with sounds of the sea and seagulls calling, the accompaniment is a collage of recorded sounds, voice and musical impulses reminiscent of the sea as well as social interactions.

Vanessa Maria Mirza