Dr. S. Vinodh Kumar

Session brief- Santiniketan Griha is the oldest building at Santiniketan where Tagore stayed during his childhood. It was built by his father Maharshi Debendranath Tagore. This house consists of three murals in south, East and West walls comprising an area of 4.66 sq. mts. South wall panel depicts ‘Sunflowers’ done in the year 1940. East wall panel depicts ‘Santhal women with kamandal and sickle in their hands’ which dates back in 1958 and the ‘Two sages (baul) with musical instruments’ on the West wall. The dating of these paintings were found in the records of Santiniketan. All these are executed on lime plaster in tempera technique using earth colors and rice starch as the binding medium as per records available with the concerned authority. During the structural conservation, these works were not properly taken care of. Apart from that, deposition of surface grime, gaps and voids due to termite attack, losses of paint layers etc. were also noticed. In this session, the speaker will aim to focus on the systematic approaches undertaken to address those issues.

Speaker’s bio- Dr. S. Vinodh Kumar is presently working as an Asst. Superintending Archaeological Chemist in the Science Branch of Chennai, Archaeological Survey of India. In the past sixteen years, he has been associated with the scientific conservation projects of various centrally protected monuments of Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and Tamil Nadu especially World Heritage Sites like, Sun Temple, Konark; Group of monuments, Hampi and Ellora caves, the Great living Chola temples, Group of temples, Mahabalipuram etc. He is having working experience in the field of stone conservation, conservation and preservation of museum exhibits, mural paintings, oil paintings, manuscripts, antiquities etc. He has published around twenty research papers in international and national journals and presented a number of papers in national as well as international conferences.

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