Bengal Masters
Triveni Kala Sangam
31 January – 10 February, 2019

Statement for BENGAL MASTERS

Emami Art’s rise as a part of a multifaceted entity is a postcolonial development, towards modernity, with grass-root relevance. For a long while, alongside its main activities, Emami Art has been collecting art objects for tracing the trajectory of the journey of India’s cultural consciousness to modernity, through the colonial and postcolonial phases, oscillating between the pulls of the past and pushes of the hegemony of the powerful, as means of going beyond. Based in Calcutta, decidedly a hub of the turmoil in cultural consciousness, Emami Art has had the opportunity of collecting visual shreds of evidence of the various aspects this stirring the consciousness, in the creative works of the already emerged individualist artists.

In a recent turn, Emami Art has taken a decision to reach out to wider India spectators, the grand visual narrative of how some of the more significant painters, printmakers and sculptors have had individually negotiated the problematics – thematically and visualinguistically. One prime objective of this endeavour is to focus the highlight on the artists who had prioritised the relevance of their perception of the existential situation of their work. Glimpses of this journey to rooted modernity are the aim of this exhibition.
-Pranabranjan Ray.


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