Janhavi Khemka
Title: Dried Vein
Medium: Woodcut, nature printing on paper, paper mache and ply sculpture
Size: 20.00 X 40.00 inches
Year: 2020
Signature: Lower right in English

“The veins of your daughter’s ear is like a flower or leaf. These have dried up. And like you can never bring back life of a dried leaf by coloring it green, it is also not possible to correct or bring back her hearing abilities by any treatment.” -Doctor (ENT, Mumbai).

The word “dried vein” that several doctors told my mother as the cause of my hearing impairment rotates in my mind, making me feel disappointed and unconfident. How can one make a dried leaf alive and green again? One day, while walking in the garden I saw a lot of dried petals of hibiscus flower under three hibiscus trees. I immediately connected the dried petals to the dried veins of my ears, that the doctors stated.