Tales of This Time

An online exhibition featuring the works of Tufan Pramanik, Pathik Sahoo and Gayatri Halder

July 29th – September 30th, 2022

Tales of This Time is an exhibition of young contemporary artists across India. The exhibition features almost entirely their new work offering a wide range of mediums, influences and themes. While Tufan Pramanik’s work deals with rapid urbanization and its effect on the rural landscape and demography, Gayatri Halder’s white on white pinpricks on paper capture the fragile ecologies of the world. Pathik Sahoo on the other hand, narrates at the level of both the medium and content ,the story of lands and displacement of people.

The exhibition offers three different directions, translating the intangible currents of this era through their unique language and methodology.


Works 1995-2022
Curated by Nancy Adajania

June 18 – August 20, 2022

Emami Art is honoured to present a retrospective-scale exhibition of Arunima Choudhury, recognised as one of the most important contemporary artists from Bengal. Curated by Nancy Adajania, the exhibition titled ‘The Dark Edge of Green’ covers a long arc of her practice spanning three decades between 1995 and 2022. Besides paintings, rendered both in acrylic and vegetable colour, the artist’s most preferred medium, her remarkable but rarely shown fabric, ceramic, and enamel works are also on view.


Curated by INA PURI

June 18 – August 20, 2022

Opening on the 18th of June, the retrospective exhibition spanning the four decade long career of the renowned photographer who is also a writer, an activist and an institution-builder will be on view for a month before travelling to other Indian cities. The panorama of photographs exhibited will give the viewer an idea of Shahidul Alam’s engagement with issues relating to equality for all as well as his lifelong mission to make visual literacy accessible to everyone through images he has shot during his brilliant career as a photo-journalist and documentarian. ‘Singed but not Burnt’ will have over 80 significant photographs right back from his early archives to his most recent work, sometimes shot urgently with his mobile phone, on the streets while covering a raging riot. Apart from Alam’s own photographs, the exhibition will present vignettes from his life and show among other rare visuals, models created by his neice Sofia Karim of the layout of Keraniganj Jail where he spent 101 days a while ago for engaging in the student’s protest movement.

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