A gallery in Kolkata, Emami Art is known for its contemporary and cutting-edge art

Kriti Saraswat-Satpathy, Architectural Digest, December 22, 2022

About the Gallery

Located in Kolkata, Emami Art is one of India's most significant art galleries and a critical space for cultural production. It promotes emerging, mid-career and established artists and engages with contemporary and historical material. The gallery produces exhibitions of modern, contemporary and cutting-edge art as well as commissions artists to create site-specific pieces.


Emami Art’s programme includes a regular lineup of talks, seminars, panel discussions and conversations with artists, curators and key partners. It also offers mentorship programmes, workshops, residency opportunities and innovative educational activities for emerging talent. Learning-oriented incubator programmes, concerts, performances, symposiums, film screenings and more are also staged by the gallery.  Read more...