India Art Fair was all about artistic experience and creative inspiration

Bengal artists were represented in force across one of the most original art fairs anywhere, writes a British art historian
LOUISE NICHOLSON, Telegraph India | My Kolkata, February 14, 2023
Among several other Kolkata galleries – Akar Prakar, Ganges Art, Gallery Art Exposure – Emami’s artists stood out. Ushmita Sahu, its director and curator, nurtures the young artists whom she shows in the galley’s massive 50,000 square feet space on Kolkata’s Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. Deftly, she brought 10 mostly Bengali artists to the fair and made a big impact in her little booth. They included Arpita Akhanda whose large work about Partition remembrance started with multiple images of herself which form a boatload of people fleeing in the middle of the night across a river, just as her grandparents had. Arpita arranged smaller photos around this,.... Read more