The (in)Visible and the (un)Revealed: Inside the Secret Worlds of Kartick Chandra Pyne

Page: 107 (135 illustrations)
Dimension:  11.5 x 8.5 in.
Hard Bound (Montblanc extra white paper)
Publisher: Emami Art
ISBN: 978-81-952617-4-1


Created to accompany The (in)Visible and the (un)Revealed: Inside the Secret Worlds of Kartick Chandra Pyne, a survey exhibition of the artist at Emami Art, Kolkata, the exhibition book offers an insight into the life and work of the great but not-so-widely-known artist who gained his due recognition posthumously.


The book’s very first blank page – warm and blue – subdues the vibrant Matissian red and thick, restless brushstrokes on its cover. It is a prelude to the exuberance of rich and rarely shown images that follows. Punctuated by quotes of the artist and essays by noted writers, such as Pranabranjan Ray, Samit Das and Nanak Ganguly, who knew the artist well, the book offers a glimpse of the exhibition presented by Emami Art, Kolkata, celebrating the long, and profound creative life of the artist on his ninetieth birth anniversary. "Shri Kartick Chandra Pyne (1931-2017) was an amazing artist belonging to the previous generation who received very little exposure and due recognition. However, he was the first Indian artist who could be considered to be the pioneer of "Surrealism" in contemporary Indian art.", recollects Jogen Chowdhury in the book. The letters to the artist, rare catalogues of his early exhibitions, published reviews and archival objects and documents from the personal collection of the artist’s son, Apan Pyne, supplement the detailed biographical timeline provided in the monograph, introducing the reader to his ‘secret worlds' where dreams blend with reality; agony with ecstasy. Self-confident about his unique and highly original style, the introvert artist once remarked: "When I was young I too dreamt of going abroad, Paris or Rome, to see the work of the great masters. Now, I don't have the desire anymore. If I go abroad now, I will get confused and everything will be messed up.  I am doing my best work presently; people will recognize it in the future."


It is heartening to see Kolkata leading from the front to give the artist, who died in 2017, his due through 'The (In)Visible & The (Un)Revealed: Inside the Secret Worlds of Kartick Chandra Pyne”- Architectural Digest

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