Janhavi Khemka is an emerging contemporary artist working across mediums, exploring the relationship between disability and art language. Khemka with her congenially impaired hearing looks at disability not a disadvantage, but a lens through which one can see, understand and negotiate with the world in a different way. Each work is an expression of her unique ways of interacting with the world without acoustic sensation.

Khemka’s art practice is characterized by her thoughtful choice of medium to translate her perception. Most of her work is rooted in personal memories, her physic and physical life. She calls her works as small dots in the vast map of mind and memory, constituted by particular use of medium. The shifting from one medium to another, from printmaking to stop-motion to vibrational installation, is, therefore, understood as expanse of the sensory map. However, although autobiographical elements are strongly present, her work speaks of her dreams of overcoming the shortcoming, creating a space for spontaneous dialogue between artist and the audiences.