ZINE-making Workshop : Inspired by K G Subramanyan's praxis Facilitated by Amritah Sen 

15 June 2024 

ZINE-making Workshop inspired by K G Subramanyan's praxis 

Facilitated by Amritah Sen  


Date: 15h June, Friday 

Time: 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Gallery 
Age Group: 16 and above



The intensive five-hour ZINE-making workshop with Amritah Sen is a fantastic opportunity for participants (aged 16 and above) to engage deeply with K G Subramanyan's work and explore their own creativity in response. By encouraging participants to examine motifs from the survey exhibition: One Hundred Years and Counting: Re-Scripting K G Subramanyan, and incorporate them into their own zine, the workshop fosters both appreciation for his work and personal expression.  


Workshop Takeaways:  
♦ Certificates will be awarded to each participant. 

♦ Guidance by Amritah Sen, revered book-making artist and pedagogue.  

♦ Understanding the art of creating a visual narrative. 


The threefold purpose of the workshop:  

  1. Understanding the art of creating a visual narrative: Participants will not only observe Subramanyan's visual storytelling techniques but also apply them in their zine-making process. This involves thinking about how to structure and sequence images to convey a narrative arc or theme. 

  1. Application of colours: Subramanyan's use of colour is renowned for its vibrancy and expressiveness. By encouraging participants to experiment with colours in their zines, the workshop enables them to explore the emotional and aesthetic impact of different colour palettes. 

  1. Employment of myriad forms and mediums: Subramanyan was known for his versatility in using various forms and mediums in his art. By allowing participants to choose from a range of artistic methods—such as drawing, collage, textual or digital art—the workshop encourages creative exploration and innovation. 


Furthermore, by drawing inspiration from Subramanyan's witty and playful books for children, the workshop creates a playful and accessible atmosphere conducive to experimentation and imagination. 


Overall, this workshop offers the young-adult cohort, a rich opportunity to not only learn about Subramanyan's artistic techniques but also to apply them in their own creative practice, fostering a deeper understanding of visual storytelling and artistic expression.  





1. The workshop capacity is limited. Please ENROLL to confirm your participation. There will be a short break in between, and basic refreshments and Zine-making materials will be provided by Emami Art.  


2.     Please carry the following: 

  • Basic art stationery: Paints, brushes, coloured pencils, coloured pens and brush pens. ((will be provided, but if you are comfortable with any specific materials, please carry them) 

  • Laptop/tab or phone if any of the participants would like to digitally manipulate their works.  

  • A pen drive (for taking limited printouts) 


About the Facilitator:  

Amritah Sen is an alumnus of Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan with painting as her specialization. Ever since, she has been practicing as an artist based in Kolkata, India.   Sen’s work is dominated by stories – especially preoccupied by people’s narratives and oral histories that create the larger parallel history beside the mainstream narratives. This led her to study the flowing history and the changing cultural aspects of the place where she belongs. 


Amritah has shown her works frequently in group shows in different venues in India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the USA. Besides, she has presented ten solo shows in Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai till date and has participated in different art fairs including Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh, India Art Fair, India and the United Art Fair, India. She has been a part of prestigious residencies in different South Asian countries with her own projects and participated in research projects organized by Khoj Kolkata,Art Ichol, Maihar, Hamdasti, Kolkata, Shop-art Art-shop, Himachal Pradesh in India and NexUs, Kathmandu, Nepal. Sen was also the finalist of Sovereign Asian Art Award, Hong Kong in 2018, 2020.  


A faculty at Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata, Sen currently specializes in making Artist Books and is based in Kolkata. 

See her works here