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Artists and Paintings  

  State of the art and a multi-disciplinary center, Emami Art strives to promote art and artists through curated art exhibitions and interactive learning programs. MEET THE ARTISTS OF EMAMI ART: Arunima Choudhury: Having learnt from the Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship in Kolkata, Arunima has developed a refined taste for art, through her learning experiences with various prominent […]
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tips for artists

Tips That Will Help You Grow As An Artist

As an artist we learn something new from the most mundane of things that a non-artist might not even pay attention to. Sometimes we learn things at our own pace, and sometimes we end up learning them the hard way – from failures. After reading the tips given below, you are definitely going to wish someone had told you all […]
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Kartick Chandra Pyne paintings

Kartick Chandra Pyne

A prolific and highly original modern painter, Kartick Chandra Pyne (1931-2017) embarked on his long artistic career in the 1950s when the world and the very criteria of what constituted an art object were rapidly changing. Hewas deeply influenced by the experimental spirit of the time and adapted to the languages of modern Western art, moving away from academic realism […]
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Different types of edges in painting

Understand different types of edges in painting

Art edges refer to the area which distinguishes two colors forms, shapes and designs. Typically, people that do not completely realize the value of edges end up getting lost in their artwork.   At first, artists will not be able to realize however, the outlines of the artwork establish a world of significance for the audience. Edges add depth, firmness, […]
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elements of art

Three aspects of painting – Light, Colour, and value

The physical appearance of a thing changes when seen from different angles. It is mesmerizing to note that what might have seen tedious from an angle, might look illuminated from the other. This results in forming multiple arrangements of contrast and values. For citing, consider the shadow or dim light of the afternoon, which forms a touchy experience.   Light […]
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Save your failed painting

How to Save Failed Art

It’s not like every painting created by an artist is a masterpiece. The most frequent loss in any artwork is found due to improper color judgment or the combination of colors. In addition, it is strongly advised that artists should pay full attention while creating the artwork, as a small distraction can ruin your entire artwork Has it ever happened […]
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Choose the right canvas for painting

Understanding the Correct Canvas for your Art

A perfect canvas would be like a new horizon to create on, a clear path to new opportunities, and a necessity in the artistic resources of any creator. Beginners in the artworld believe that almost all canvas is similar but what they don’t know is that there are multiple kinds of Canvas to select from. The first significant move towards […]
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review your artwork

How to review your artwork to make it better

  A healthy learning experience comes from being able to learn and grow from your mistakes and trials. Constructive criticism from an on-looker is indeed an indispensable tool in this regard but there are people who often undermine the importance of self-critiquing. Many artists use the skill of reviewing to identify the areas that may need more attention or improvement […]
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painting accessories

Emami Art – Understand useful painting Accessories

For artists, painting accessories are the imperative elements that support them to put their imagination into the art piece. Whether you are a beginner or an artist with years of experience, you should probably know the importance of each art tool. In addition, we should certainly invest in art accessories depending on the complexity of our art program. Let’s learn […]
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Modern & Contemporary painting in Kolkata

Tips for Artists in Quarantine

The novel coronavirus is never relaxing. We are almost at the end of 2020, battling with the virus for 3 quarters, and still, the fear is constant. Our lifestyle has totally changed from what we began in Jan 2020 to Dec 2020. Wearing a mask, sanitization, traveling, dining out— the pandemic has a big impact on our life. So, as […]
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