Suman Dey: The self-taught artist

We, humans, have a close relationship with art, in many forms, we practice it every day. The history of art is beyond our imagination. It is a culture of every nation in the form of paintings, music, dance, singing, etc. Some people are the hosts who represent the art, while others enjoy and appreciate them. Art is something that helps […]
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How art competitions help in Artist’s career growth

No matter whether you win or lose…if you enter an art competition, you are a champion in many ways; you are already a winner. Why are competitions so important?  Self-confidence: The biggest treasure which we obtain by attending various art competitions in our career is “self-confidence”. It gives birth to the inner voice that makes us believe in our artistic […]
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Majestic art of Soma Das:  

Art is a great way to express our feelings and send a message to society. Generally, it isn’t a modern resource that we see in the form of paintings and drawings in art galleries. A way back from ancient times, we have people who beautifully drafted their culture and tradition in the cave walls. Soma Das is one of the […]
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Negritude – An Exhibition of African American Art

Curator’s note Thank you for viewing the National Alliance of Artists from Historical Black Colleges and Universities’ traveling exhibition from HBCU’s. The organization was founded in 1999 to bring Art and Art Education to the forefront, provide expressive dialogue, opportunities to exhibit and educate the populous through the visual arts. The organization has approximately 90 members representing over 50 black […]
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Learn how to promote your art

  If you don’t back and promote yourself, who else will be… Adding, if you are a budding artist or have no resources for paid marketing, then you need to know how to promote yourself. Gone are the days when favor and references played a tremendous part in the rise and growth of any artist. Now, you can be your […]
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Know the Artist — Prasanta Sahu

During the pandemic when the lockdown entered our life, many things have changed upside down. The world has become more virtual than ever before. Likewise, Emami Art has embarrassed the “Go Digital Concept” and shifted to online activities and has been presenting a myriad of digital programs including virtual exhibitions, documentary film festivals, master class, art talks with renowned artists, […]
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Things to know before you start your art career

Things to know before you start your Art Career

Do you want to pick art as a profession? Well, If you can create or build something, be it a needle or drone, or a pencil drawing or an oil painting, you’re an artist. Kudos! But if you wish to take your passion one level up and make a career in the field of art, then you need to follow […]
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Guidelines to remember at your First Art Gallery | Emami Art

Guidelines to remember at your First Art Gallery

Anyone can visit an art exhibition. You don’t need special skills or recognition to enter into an art gallery. The art exhibitions are useful to get an exposure to the art community. These exhibitions not only help you to interact with the art fraternity , but also to showcase your talent in front of them. Nevertheless, many people hesitate to […]
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Emami Art Presents ‘Āroh’ - An online exhibition showcasing artworks of 12 talented artists from across India

Emami Art Presents ‘Āroh’ – An online exhibition showcasing artworks of twelve talented artists from across India

Curators note by Ushmita Sahu: Somewhere in the near future, when we have found our way out of this unending, nightmarishly absurd situation and are assimilating and arguing over the consequences of the disruption, loss, anger, pain, horror, mendacity, apathy, dissonance and more, that we continue to witness, we will all agree on one fact – that our collective consciousness […]
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How to transform your art hobby into a profession? | Emami Art

How to transform your art hobby into a profession?

Are you planning to transform your hobby into a profession? Do you want to become a professional artist?  If yes…congratulations!  you have a long way to go. Many legends and geniuses were exactly there, in your shoes; at the same point in life.  At the beginning  Before beginning your journey, you must honestly ask yourself,  why do you want to […]
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